Night out on the town: 4 1/2 year style

Cue cheesy music here.
I do promise however that we did not go out to dinner with the intentions of celebrating any "half-iversary".  I had a Groupon (has anyone caught on to my addiction yet) that was due to expire, so we had to go use it!

We had an amazing dinner at Jim Edmonds Steakhouse. (funny side-note, Jim Edmonds was a baseball player for the Cardinals, and he is throwing the opening pitch today at the home opener Cardinals game).   The atmosphere was very mellow; low lighting, very intimate dining space, I would categorize it as romantic.  Well...there were two TV's over the bar that had cage-fighting on....but we were staring outside at all the snow falling down.  Oh, and also drooling at the wine menu.  SO many choices!
We started with the appetizer special, which was pork medallions over creamy polenta with an arugula, onion, bacon, and walnut salad with honey Dijon vinaigrette.

 As you can tell......we really didn't like it.  Jokes.

We ended up selecting Cakebread Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon.  This is where it got me thinking about Napa and how we loved our visit at Cakebread, and as I was writing the date, it dawned on me that it was 4 1/2 years since our first date.  Of course I got all schmoopey about it....and of course Terry outwardly rolled his eyes at me and inwardly laughed at my ridiculousness.  Love that man!

 The wine was everything we expected; think of every synonym to the word "perfect" and there's this wine description.
Then dinner showed up and we started drooling (from the smell and from the view).

Terry got a filet with an herb butter sauce and green beans.

I had Steelhead Trout....never had it before so thought I would be adventurous. Texturally it reminded me of Salmon.  It was topped with crab and a creamy hollaindaise sauce, and asparagus.  Really hard to say who had the better plate.  Everything that we ordered was excellent.

 Obligatory photo.  It looks like Terry has a halo on his head.  Funny considering that he acted like I was Satan for asking the waitress to snap our photo. :-)

When we were leaving we noticed a little hole in the wall bar across the street called Tin Can Tavern.  Fun concept for a bar; everything from the bar comes in a can.  Their menu was on the wall.

We stayed just for a little while listening to the band, then we headed across town to our current fave spot, Venice Cafe. We were upstairs most of the evening staring down at the band.  Always a good time in that place!

Very fun night, getting to explore new places in the city, and getting to enjoy the old places, and always a fun night with T.


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