Tick-Tock Tick-Tock

No, no, I'm not counting down the seconds until my March Madness Bracket sporadically bursts into flames (Marquette?!  Really?!?  And Notre Dame....you ruined me!).  I just wanted to show you the new addition we added to the living room/kitchen area!  Terry picked it out all by his lonesome, and lucky enough, I really like it! 

Yes, I know it's a clock, but it's still exciting none the less.  It fits the space perfectly, and I think that it ties in well with the colors and the style.  And now I have no reason to get cranky with Terry when he leaves 0:21 seconds still on the microwave and I don't know what time it is without having to go over and hit the cancel button (Does this drive anyone else crazy or is it just me?!!?  Please say it's not just me!!!)

You like???


Scientific Housewife said... Add Reply

I like it, it looks really great with everything!

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