Wanna be my Cheerleader (or Drill Sargeant)?

 In keeping with this Half-Marathon preparation, I made a little motivator for myself.  Clearly, I have to share it. 
I'm trying to build up my mileage while also not hating every moment of the decision I made in signing up for this crazypants idea fun. So what's more fun than a spreadsheet so I can see my progress daily in success/failure. Staring at me.  Yelling, "RUN WOMAN!" while I sit scared and staring at it... then staring at my red velvet cheesecake.  The cheesecake prevailed this week, but that HAS to change! (ohmigod it was so good though, if anyone wants the recipe, I'll send it over.)

Anywho, here's the spreadsheet:


Now: Here's what I need from you:
-If I'm keeping on track with my goals, you need to throw your Jazz Hands in the air for me. Maybe very quietly at your desk/cubicle/life of retirement say, "What what!" "You Go Girl!" "Atta Woman!".  Don't worry, I'll hear it as will your co-workers probably but that's ok!!!
-If I'm slipping, it is your responsibility to send hate mail, stern texts, "Run, Forest, Run!!" calls, etc., my way. Remember, the goal is for me to NOT die on April 15th.

MOST IMPORTANTLY:  If anybody has any tips to making this a better routine to get to my goal of not dying at mile 11 on race day, PLEASE clue me in. 


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You crazy girl!!!

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