MLK day and why I hate our Kitchen Wall

I spent all day yesterday painting.  It was a relaxing day, always good especially when you don't have to work. :-)
We have continuously been unhappy with the paint color in our kitchen, and this has been an ongoing issue for the past 4+ months

It's kinda hard to see, but this picture has all the different colors so far that we've tried out.  The ceiling edge has the light green that looks great in our living room, but looked like a bad 1980's paint job in our kitchen.  The green that you can see here is the same that was in our guestroom, and it's ok, but it was just not right for the space. We wanted to try a whole different angle on this next try.  Attempting to incorporate in the tones from the backsplash, we started looking at tan/oranges: 

I think that I could be all right with the color if it looked like this in all the lights...

Unfortunately, it looks more like this.  Our modern sophisticated kitchen has some Miami flare right now.  

UGH!!  It'll more than likely be primed AGAIN this weekend.  Any tips on how to get the right color?? This getting the color wrong is really REALLY REALLY getting old.  Would love helpful tips. 


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