Kitchen Backsplash Complete

The kitchen has been sitting 80% done for quite a few months now because there were a few pieces we still needed to cut in around the light switches and outlets along with around the windowsill. So finally (don't wanna give away the next post, but we had to cut more slate for a certain somebodys major bathroom upgrade) we had a reason to go rent the tile saw again and finished up with our kitchen backsplash!!!  This was my first grout experience, as I was in Bermuda with my Mom when Terry did the Guest Bath floor grouting.  Let me tell ya.....What A Workout!!!!

Pre-Grout with all the smaller cut pieces in place and set to the wall

Pre-Grout (its hard to see, but it was very noticeable that it was unfinished, you could see the webbing that the tiles was stuck to that you have the thin set grip into so it stays on the wall)

This was at the point that I still thought grouting was fun.
Me: "oooh, we get to fill the cracks with mud"
Terry: "yah, and then we have to scrub it all off"

Me: "scrub it off, oh I've so got that!"

What felt like round 362 of scrubbing off the grout:
Me: "ok, I'm done....it's done....it's beautiful"
Terry: "keep scrubbing"

What seemed like days, horribly sore arms, and lots of whining later, we finished!!

Finished Shot #2 (minus putting the face plates on)

Finished Shot #2 (minus putting the face plates on)

It's very understated which we both really like.  We debated between the light grout lines that blended in or a darker grout that emphasized and accentuated the tiles, but ultimately we want the backsplash to be the supporting role to the cabinets and the granite counter.  I think we pulled it off rather well! 
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