Master Bath has a new floor

...And we are in luuuurrve!!

We started out the project with laying out all the tiles in the dining room.  We wanted to spread out the color scheme, as in not have too many dark/light slate tiles all in one area together.  These were from the boxes of slate that we bought close to a year ago at a bottom bargain buy at Lowes. (Lets just say this purchase put us at less than what it would have cost to put in a linoleum floor, and we bought enough slate for the guest bathroom floor, the master bath floor, and eventually the master bath shower walls.  Goodness I love a bargain!!)
We had to wipe them all down and then seal them so that they would be water-proof for the bathroom.  It's a little easier in this shot to see all the personality of the slate.

 Here was our clean slate (pun-intended) bathroom.  Don't be fearful that we opted for a red shower....it's sealant to prevent water damage....it will be covered in slate soon!


The tiles were not lining up at an even 12x12 tile that they should have been at this point, but Terry being the wizard that he is, figured out a way to make it work.....by renting the tile saw again!

And the Tile-Finished Result!!  With table vanity view to boot!  It is still not fully installed but we wanted to put it in, envisioning our vessel sinks and mirrors and painted walls on top.

 We even got an air register that blends in to the floor, ha.

 We still need to grout the seams and put another coat of sealer on, but other than that, our floor is finished!!  It's starting to feel like a new bathroom!!


Kathy said... Add Reply

Seeing the bathroom transform does feel exciting, right? The tiles are looking fabulous!

-Kathy Carbone

Ailith Blesington said... Add Reply

Congratulations on your new bathroom floor! The color scheme of the tiles is perfect! Who thought of the design? The whole bathroom is probably finished by now, and it seems to have that vintage touch to it. Can you share some photos? :D

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