Em's Summer Visit

Always a blast with that girl! The rest of our awesome weekend ended up as could be expected...awesome!

 Friday I went into work for a half-day, but the other half of the day consisted of the uber-girl day: Massages, Facials, and Mani/Pedis. Massage Envy is my heavenly little serenity (and at a price point my cheap lil ol' self can be happy with) and we left in a complete trance of relaxation. Makes me want to go back right now.

Anyway, Terry got home from work and he finished up a few things for prepping the bathroom (MORE ON THAT SOON!!), then we got ready and headed out to downtown. Emily has been quite a few times now, but we wanted to still take her where she's never been....and where we love.... Broadway Oyster Bar!! Can't get enough of that place. They have definitely earned their bragging rights for best Creole in St. Louis.


 We left and went over to Venice Cafe.  We love it.  So do all of our guests.  Come visit....We'll take you!!
After that Kaleidoscope fun, we ended the evening at McGurks for some ecclectic entertainment and a great Irish Band. 

Saturday, we worked on the bathroom (Eeek, I can't wait to show you in the next post!), did a little shopping, and read our books while relaxing away most of the rainy afternoon.  As always, Saturday Steak night was superb.  Terry had all of us (Myself, Emily, and Sarah) working hard in the kitchen, and I must say, we all put quite a lovely meal together. 

Filet, Creamy Leeks and Carrots, and Goat Cheese and Jalepeno Polenta. 

Emily and Sarah made a "Strawberry Pizza" for dessert, but something went wrong in the cooking process, but it was a bit soupy so they couldn't eat it.  Fortunately for Terry however, because he has been taking it for breakfast every morning this week :-)

Sunday was a very lazy day.  We layed out in the backyard almost the entire day reading our books (Just finished "Room"....Gahhhh...so good!)  Put together Kabobs for dinner, and turned in early for a busy week ahead.  I love my friends visiting!  It's a little piece of goodness I get to have, even if for such a little time. 


Scientific Housewife said... Add Reply

That looks like a lot of fun!

Em said... Add Reply

Oh my goodness, I can still taste that amaaazing steak night! I love you both!

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