Front Entranceway Update

Last time I mentioned our front entranceway was back in April with my big ol' mess I made.  As a refresher, there was parque; there was ripping it all up; there were hidden broken tiles; and there was frustration.

Luckily for us (but not our house guests), we come in through our garage everyday, so it hasn't bothered us one bit....well unless we have house guests and then I hide my head in shame.  Oh well. 

4 months later and we decided to get around to it, seeing as we rented the tile saw and all for the master bath
I took a lot of "through-the-process" pictures, mainly because the whole process took only about an hour and a half.  With all these major projects we've had spread out over days and weeks, this was a little project from heaven!

And We're Off!!  Terry did all the measuring and I did all the tile-cutting.  We originally were going to finish the wood leading into the entranceway hallway off the front room, but we've since decided we are going to keep the carpet in the hallways, so it was going to be too busy entering to travertine...then wood....then carpet in a 15 ft entrance.  So instead, we will have the travertine butt up to the carpet.

While I'd love it that you're eyes would pay attention to the floor, for me (who knows...maybe it's just me) all that I focus on in the next pic is the piano.  Well, for 1: it's 500 pounds, so we decided against shimmying it out of the way for better photo ops.  2: we have never been able to find a perfect fit for it in this house, so pretty much the entrance has been its sad little home.  3: It's gonna make me teary even mentioning it, but we sold it this past weekend, and it's new owner is coming to get it this coming Sunday.  That's all for another post though. 

Anyways, back to the tile. It's starting to come along now.  It went quite fast once we got into a rhythm.  Blegh, that previous floor remnant is G-R-O-S-S!

Almost there...

ahhhh, that's MUCH better!

We still need to grout (Grout and I are not friends anymore.  The puppy-dog phase is over, and he's a completely exhausting piece of work that I am not longer fond of.  Anyone want to come be introduced and take him of my hands?!?!?), put up floor boards, get a new air receiver, and a threshold for under the front door.......Oh and a new front door.  More on that quite a while from now, because that project hasn't even begun. 

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