Shower floors a little ROCKY!

There's no real way that I can post about one part of our bathroom project without giving another part away, so I'm just gonna start with our order of projects and keep your interest piqued for the rest that we completed from the glimpses you might catch from the pictures below. 

We pretty much decided we were doing a rock floor since the same time we decided we were starting our bathroom renovation.  It's different, it's very spa-like, and well, we both were just digging it (do you see that pun?  Like we "dug" the rocks??  Insert my laughing snort here.)

Luckily for us, Lowes sells the rock floor in pre-configured sq. ft. pieces.  Basically, the rocks are glued to a white mesh on the bottom so they stay in place, and they put notches around the sides so the rocks will slide into one another so it doesn't look like clearly segregated rocks when they are layed on the floor.

Placement in the shower floor was minimal effort.  There were a few rocks that were a bit wonky, but after some minor adjustments, we had it just how we wanted it.  Next step was the grout.  As you can basically have the grout any color you want, we opted to make it a bit darker so that it would hopefully be more cohesive with the slate walls we have already put up we will be putting up, but also contrast it enough to not make it feel like a big dark box of a shower.

During the grouting process. Following this step was an hour of scrubbing it off and making sure all the gaps were filled. 

Still needing some more scrub down, but getting a lot closer to the final look.

TEASER PHOTO: Our final product (well, we still have to put a top-coat sealer on, so it will end up looking a bit shinier).  It is so comfy on the feet, almost like a foot massage. 

Have I mentioned I can't wait for this to be complete....we're SO close!!  And it's beautiful!


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