Remember that time when we didn't have an Appliance in our garage...

Terry and I figured out that since Texas, we have had a major kitchen appliance (at some points more than one!) living in our garage.  An email exchange went something like this:

Do you realize we have never not had an appliance in the garage?

-Black fridge (from Texas)
-Black fridge, white fridge (that was in the house when we bought it...moved out to garage when new stainless fridge came in) and new stove (we bought a package deal, but at the time weren't ready to install the new gas grill)
-White fridge and new stove
-New stove
-Old stove
-Old stove, New Microwave

Thank goodness for the beauty that is my very dear friend, Craigslist.  While many a person has had their horror stories to share, I'm knocking hard on my wooden desk right now because all of our transcations have been pleasant and drama-free.

We had been waiting to sell the electric stove and microwave (that came with our house) as a pair, but since we bought a new gas stove with no matching microwave, we ended up waiting for a while for a good deal to spring up.  We waited.....and waited....and waited....and finally waited long enough and posted those two on Craigslist.  We were trying to work it so that we would have our new by the time we put them up for sale, but nothing screams Lindsey like "Always In A Rush". My magical Craigslist powers went into high gear, and  the pair had a new owner in 2 days from the time I posted!  We finally waited long enough for our great deal to come along so we opted for trusty Home Depot. 
Sidenote: Has anybody had a microwave and then gotten rid of it, even for a day or two?  I thought it was hilarious in the mid-time between the sell of the old one and the installation of the new one, how many times I reached for the Microwave to nuke something, or how many times I planned a meal and then said, oh but we can't reheat anything.  Funny how used to things we become at times.

So onto the new stuff.  Woohoo, we have a new microwave installed (not to mention that the sale of the old stove and microwave not only covered the brand new Microwave, but also left more over.....have I mentioned in this post yet that I love Craigslist).


Now if you're paying close attention, you'll be able to see what's coming in the next post. :-)  But can we all just take a minute to get excited by the fact that not a single appliance lives in our garage anymore!!!  YIPPEE!!


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