Guest Bedroom goes White

Looking back through the blog, I realized that while I did show reveals of the guest bathroom, I didn't do such a good job of showing updates of the guest bedroom (Read that as: I didn't do ANY updates on the guest bedroom).  Not that there were many.  All that we did was paint and hang new doors and paint the trim, and while I'm sure I could have made a riveting post on the annoyance of painting floor boards, I spared you the details.
Anyways, we recently did a bit more upkeep with the guest bedroom, enough to make a post about it at least. :-)
Going back to the start of the minimal guest room re-do, here were some of the only pics I could find during the painting process where you can see the color before to the color after.  (This was during the major guest bath renovation last year...hence no toilet)


And so this is how it has sat for the last year.  I suppose you're trying to Eye-Spy the problem right now.  Well here's two separate hints: #1. Dark colors are not part of our color scheme in this room. #2.Cream and White are by no means the same color.

Answer to #1: Something had to happen with the eyesore that was our Air Conditioner.  I was contemplating spray painting it, but then fate intervened and the unit died on us.  Well I guess fate was the wrong word because through-the-wall AC Units are not cheap!  We put off buying a new unit until guests were set to visit, and again, as fate would have it, we lucked out found a unit at a home appliance store that is going out of business near our house.  70% off is a beautiful thing!!!  A sweet, white (so it's already matches our color scheme), fits in the previously cut wall-hole, remote controlled AC unit of a thing!!

Answer to #2: Those doors needed to be painted!!  Cream is soothing and all, but it was getting to us with them being two different colors.  So off they popped, I painted them in 3 thin coats over a week and a half, and boy does it sure look better (to us anyway). 

All that's left it to drill the pulls into the door....and level them since I someone may have messed up the doors when I ripped took them down to paint them. 


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Definitely agree white/white is much better than creme/white.