Book Reviews.... For Real

Just me out there that thinks it's funny that I didn't post a single review all week last week??  Yah...totally not funny (laughing quite hysterically).  Legitimately though, I didn't even attempt to procrastinate this time.  My week was just simply crazy; lets just say standing over a 4-hour open heart surgery was part of my Thursday.  Typical, right?!

So here are my upcoming reviews:
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
The Glass Castle
The Boy with the Striped Pajamas
The Help

I'll cross them off as I go.  Maybe making a list will help this process out :-)


Alexa said... Add Reply

LOL!!!! You had to watch a 4 hour open heart surgery???? That was such a typical day cause I had to brain surgery!!!! LOL!!! JK.

How you been have not talked to you since the 4th but I heard your coming for Suesa's Christmas dinner.

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