Master Bath Shower well on it's way

Our Master Bath is moving right along! And we are personally SO in love with the makeover.  I was going through a lot of pictures this weekend, realizing that I was awful at taking before pictures to compare to our afters, but I found these two that ended up working out really well.

Hilarious, right?!?!  And hilarious in many ways at that: That we saw THAT and actually still bought the place; that we used the bathroom in that condition for over a year and a half; that they had a fiberglass sliding shower door; nothing says comfort like a wooden toilet seat; and last but certainly not least, how hilarious is that paint color?!???

I showed you our floor upgrade a few weeks back, and just showed the new shower floor earlier last week, but now it's time for the Oooo's and Aaahhhh's.  The Slate Shower.

The start of the weekend, post floor grout, pre-tiling.  For the record, the walls are that crazy red for water-proofing.  It helps when you're putting it on so that you can easily see if there are any areas not covered.  Easy place for water damage....not that it needed to be said. :-)

We very much understood the saying of Rome not being built in a day, but this slate shower installation fooled us both with how many man-hours we would be putting in.  I'll say this much: Terry and I are now Pro-fessionals with a tile saw.....and thank goodness for buying a few extra boxes of slate.

Proof: (btw, I'm always so put together...can't you tell?? ha)

This was Terry's wall from hell. The little nook was Satan.

Terry can tile saw circular cuts now.  Man with many talents.

I love the colors in the slate, although I know at the point the red walls are still blinding.

And this is where we are right now!  We still need to add slate around the storage cut-out to the left of the shower, and we still need to grout....Oooyyyy grout.  My arms might be ready by next weekend. 

At this, my only request is just to scroll up to the top again and look at the before shots:  TOO HILARIOUS!!!


Anonymous said... Add Reply

I know it's the master bath...but can I take one shower in it? :')

Darryl Iorio said... Add Reply

Good job to you and Terry! That was some work you did there. You’re right! Red is a pretty hilarious color to have on a bathroom. Your shower definitely looks better with the slate. It was an excellent material choice and you cut it like a pro.

Gabrielle Jeromy said... Add Reply

Tiling is one of the hardest part of bathroom renovation, especially if the tiles are so small. Glad you chose the larger one, which is much easier to install and it won't take long unlike with small tiles. Anyway, I thought red is an intense color for the bathroom and it doesn't seem appropriate. Did you still push through with that color? -Majestic Exteriors

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