First visitors of 2012: Billy and Jordan

Billy and Jordan drove down for the weekend to have a mini-vacation from Chicago.  Since I am an over-planner, we went and hit up a lot of sites around town and had a great time.  We started out with lunch at Morgan Street Brewery, then headed over to Budweiser for the Brewery Tour.  


They got to try Budweiser Platinum before it officially came out to the general public so that was pretty fun.  
Afterwards, we headed back to the house to meet up with Terry and get ready for dinner.  It was Clayton (suburb of St Louis) restaurant week, so we picked one that we thought to be the best menu and headed out.  We've eaten at quite a few restaurants that were a part of this restaurant week and all were amazing....lets just say that we made a VERY wrong pick.  So much so that I'm not going to even mention the restaurant.  And I didn't take a single photo of any course in the meal.  THATS SAYING SOMETHING!!  So unfortunate, I felt awful.  
Afterwards, we headed over to The Venice Cafe for Billy and Jo to get the experience of standing in a kaleidoscope.
Saturday, we went to see the St Louis Cathedral Basilica.  Jo took a ton of pictures so when she sends them my way, I will put them up.  Always love going there.  Then we headed to The City Museum to be big kids for a while. 

Saturday night was very layed back.  We had Saturday Steak night with Bleu Cheese Polenta and Brussel Sprouts.  Then I made a blueberry and peach cobbler that they all seemed to love, as they devoured it.  Woohoo for making desserts I wont eat but that people love! 
 Glad that they came down to visit.  It's always nice spending time with old friends. 


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