Shelving in the Master Bathroom

Taking us backwards a couple of months to see one of the only photos I can find of where we need to install the shelving unit, we have finally caught up to the last piece of the puzzle for the Master Bath to be officially completed and off of our "to-do" list for the house. 

Photo from November, you can just see off to the right the space we created and wrapped with slate to soon hold our only shelving in the bathroom.

Terry has been out in the garage for the past couple of weekends working hard on making the shelf perfect.  
 He even got to try out a new tool that he borrowed from a co-worker. No idea what that tool is called but it cut out divets in the wood for us to be able to then install shelves into.  Watch it be called a divet drill or shelving drill.  Whatever...

Everything had to be lined up absolutely perfectly or else the shelves would sit catty-wampus (anybody know how that is really supposed to be spelled?), and no one wants that.  Especially Terry.  

There are a ton of other hours of work involved with the completion of the shelf that I unfortunately did not snap as I was painting (teaser alert), but the built-finished product is now complete!  We are going to sand it and paint it white to match up with the trim we installed as well as the vessel sinks.  
 I'm a lotta bit in love! :-) Finished Photos as soon as it's painted.


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