Paint touchups gone horribly wrong

This was my blunder this past weekend.  Luckily it wasn't an enormous waste of time, but in the heat of the moment, it certainly was, well, a mess. 

Our master bathroom needed a few touch-ups on the paint, and not thinking much of it, I went out to the garage to grab the paint . As you may or may not recall, we ended up having to paint the bathroom twice, so I went back to check with Terry as to which paint we ended up with.  He said, Gravity, I went and grabbed it, and away I went. 
Just in case it's hard for you to see from the untouched photo above, I changed the exposures and pointed out my chaos.  For those other paint pros out there, you know as well as I do that wet paint is not the same color on the wall as dry paint.  I could clearly see that it looked different, but I just assumed it was going to dry to normal. Then on the edges that were drying faster, I could clearly see by sheen and by color....this was a no go.  I grabbed Terry to voice my confusion, and before he could get back to see it himself, he yelled, "AWW **Expletive**, Gravity was in the bedroom!"  Mind you at this point, there were splotches like this on every wall. Every. Wall.
Just for reference, this is the actual correct paint (with exposure changed again so you can see it better) of the "correct" paint while it was still wet.  So no one can call me crazy or say that I should have seen it right from the start. 
So with the CORRECT color in tow, and another hour of my audiobook, the master bathroom is all fixed, both in paint color and touch-ups.  Yay for being almost finished with paint in the house!!!  Only the hallway and the hall bath to go, and No. More. Paint!!!


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