A short story about stupid baskets

Our beautifully finished Terry-built shelving unit had to have just the right baskets; ones that were cohesive with the look and feel of the bathroom, and ones that came in a semi-uncommon size.  Go figure. 

Fortunately, we found a set of 4 baskets on one of our trips to Lowes that were roughly the right dimensions, so we gave it a shot to see if it worked.  Our opinion is that we can always return it.
So home they came, and instantly we knew we loved them with how well they matched the vanity top.  One small problem: They were Juuuuust a little too wide.  They fit in the cubbies, but they would rub against the sides every time we pulled them in and out each day.  
Solution: I snipped the top edging off of the each of the baskets. 30-minute Sunday morning project to jumpstart the day: Absolutely!
Clearly it didn't leave the most beautiful looking top to the baskets, but it was still firmly supported, and we knew that there would be basket covers over the edging anyway, so really it didn't matter!
Now they're completely a perfect fit, for the room and for the space in the shelving.  Win-Win!!  So happy!
Sidenote: Terry is still finding snippets of small cuts from the top of the baskets on the floor.  With his bare feet.  Suppose I should have swept afterwards.  Oops oh well :-)


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You are too too clever. Another reason you fit in the family so well. Love you

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