Front Corner Room: From Start to (Almost) Finished

With documenting all of our house remodeling over the past few years, I have come to just assume that at some point I have put up pictures, or discussed each of the rooms in our house AT LEAST ONCE.  Turns out, not the case.  For a few rooms! Sheesh!  So, let me introduce you to our Front Corner Room.  This so happens to be the room we are working on most diligently at the moment, and as I was attempting to reference back to an older post I had assumed at some point I had written, it slapped me in the face that I've never brought her up. And yes, it's a her, she's a feminine room, you'll see.
For reference, this is the room I've neglected.  Well, and I've neglected the office too. But that's for another day (and a few weeks of finishing touches still). Update: Seriously, I've still never put up pictures of our Master Bedroom other than when we saw it while looking for houses?!?!  Why has no one called me out on this?!?!
This is the front corner room on the day we went and viewed the house.  YIKES!

This was the first room we attempted to paint in our "brand new, all ours, we can paint it whatever we want!" home.  The walls were blinding us though which is the main reason we started there.

Again, can you believe we bought this house looking like this?!?! YIKES

The color we opted for: Green! So here's the thing...I'm a little embarrassed by this too....I loved this color at first.  It was bold, it was opinionated, it was just what I thought our old house needed to kick-start it to a 20-30year olds lifestyle and vision.
But boy was I wrong!  That color started growing on me like a bad weed in the flower-bed.  Instead of being opinionated, it was just moody.  In the night, it had one personality, and in the daylight, it was like we were in a different room. (Hard to tell between the two pictures with night and day, but can't go back and re-snap from 2 years ago.  My bad). 

We lived with it that way for embarrassingly over two years.We never hung art.  We didn't decorate or style.  I was stuck in a rut because I didn't want to admit defeat and repaint, but I didn't know how to make it any better.
We put it off and ended up painting (and repainting.....if you haven't figured it out yet, picking paint colors was not still isn't fully our natural talent in life) several other rooms and started to learn what color scheme we like most and what we feel works best in our house.
The past two weekends, we hunkered down, primed back to white again, and then after much deliberation, chose our new color and jumped. 

After much deliberation (and many swatches on the wall, we were set to buy a gallon of the lighter shade on the wall from the pictures above.  Luckily for us, Jordan gave some insight that it may read too close a shade to the carpet.  Ultimately though we felt that the darker shade was just going to verge on too dark or MOODY again and No One Wants That!, so we got to Lowes, found a color in between, and purchased. 
The panic set in while checking out at the register, and didn't let up until we got it up on the wall. 

And now I'm officially in love....for good....because I'm not painting that room again....period! I'm Serious!

So all that is left now is touchups (ugh, I walked around the room a few nights ago, and there are so many spots I missed or didn't get enough coverage on that I'm nervous I'm going to have to go buy an extra quart to have enough) and putting in the white trim, conveniently missing in the picture above. Hopefully it will add a nice contrast to the green and give it a nice Pop!


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