5K Run For Our Beads

This past Saturday was a site to be seen!  Terry (!!!) and I ran a 5K in 17 degree weather! Soulard is the part of St Louis known for it's Mardi Gras Celebration, and in honor of the upcoming Mardi Gras, they had this 5K and the Taste of Soulard.
Contrary to my Mom's belief that we ran a marathon, it was in fact only 3.1 miles.  But it was Terry's first 5K ever, and in his words "My first and clearly my last". When I asked if he'd run it with me, I was expecting complete refusal, but to my surprise and happiness, he said sure!  So happy that he ran it with me. Certainly love that big grouchy bear!!!!!


UPDATE:  Photo posted on the race results page. Yah honey!!


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