The Master Bedroom...among other rooms I've never showed you

Holy smokes I have never, not one singular time, EVER posted a picture of our bedroom.  Well, "OUR" bedroom being the one that we live and sleep in every night, since the picture below is of the house when we did our first walk-through....but that is NOT our styling.  Sheesh! 

After writing up my post yesterday about our front corner room that I assumed I'd written about at least once in 2 years time, call me flustered when I looked and realized I'd never once posted about our master bedroom.  And I even hinted about our room in a post from a few months back, and never wrote the next post up!!! (someone needs to call me out on things like this)
Without further adieu, I'd like to introduce you to our bedroom:
Again for reference,

This was the second disaster color option room for the house....that sadly stayed that way for far too long in an attempt for us to have time trying to fall in love.  The problem with this color: (maybe we can see a common theme from last post) Moody. I liked it a lot at night.  It was a darker shade of blue, almost with a hint of gray in it.  In the daylight, it looked like we were living in Nantucket.  Not that there's anything wrong with Nantucket.....it was just the wrong color for our bedroom.  It was a color for the exterior of a getaway home, and not for the interior of the room we sleep in every night.

Again sorry with the photo ops here. This was taken in 2009, when we still had our room cleared out and were temporarily sleeping in the front corner room to paint.  The one thing I have learned most is to take good before photos.  I'm trying.....

On for almost two years we went, trying to love that room.  Loving it at night. Hating it when we woke up each morning.  We waited until we decided on our color for the Master Bathroom, and then chose a shade to compliment while still being a bit different.  We chose Gravity from Valspar.
The weekend I drove with Sarah to the East Coast and attended Rachels Wedding, Terry was uber productive (and sneaky...it was a complete surprise) and painted the entire room along with working on the bathroom. 
We changed out all of the trim in the room and painted it bright white for contrast.  We also swapped out the blinds to a faux-wood thick slat shade.  It works wonders on keeping the sun out in the morning and keeping peering eyes from looking in at night.

 All thats left is some art for the walls, and a new ceiling fan (which we have in the box, just need to install).  I'm trying to decide whether or not to paint the metal around the mirror sliding doors for the closet to a brushed nickel with some Rustoleum spray paint, but I'm nervous.  Tell me to stop being nervous!!!!


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i would painted! so stop being nervous and trust your gut :) you were right about the color ;)

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Stop being so nervous!

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OOPS! You crossed that out.

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