Master Bath Painted

Welp, I am way behind on updates with the bathroom, so here goes the game of catch up.

Last I left off, we had primed the walls, and just added the grout. 
 Just primed:

Cleaned up grout lines.  We love the light gray, makes it look earthy but modern.

Then came the game I always lose at good ol' paint color selecting.  With my two previous bedroom mess-ups in paint color, I got nervous of going to dark in a small space with no natural light again. We agreed it'd be better to go lighter than go darker, so we chose one color and went with it. From the picture below, we went with the paint on the top. 
 In process, doing the edging.
 Again, more in process, and this is a bad representation because the paint color here is still wet and looks darker....
(awful photo again, my bad), but this is the better understanding of why we both instantly went, "Welp, messed up a painted room yet again!"  The wall still looked white. 

 We waited til the morning because we needed the new paint, but we tore into again, didn't take very long, and painted it the second row center gray.  This was taken at night so a little hard to see, but next post you can see the color, and we love it!! It goes so well with the slate!

So with the walls now painted......


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