The East Coast Weekend Marathon

So from the previous post, you're aware that this weekend was spent traveling back east for Rachels wedding.  What you don't know is the ridiculousness I managed to squeeze in to the time block before and after the wedding.  I don't know how I'm functioning right now to be quite honest.  (Fresno Mom, you're going to get exhausted just reading this ;-) )

I originally had a round trip flight booked (can you already see where this is going??) for the weekend, a quick hop in and a quick hop back out.  Then Sarah (Terry's boss) found out that she was being promoted and relocated to Frederick....the same weekend as the wedding. One cancelled one-way flight, and I was now road-tripping to Maryland in an overnight 13-hr haul.  Surprisingly, it didn't feel like 13 hours whatsoever.  We split the drive with the passenger seat as the makeshift bed. 

I still picked up my rental car in Baltimore, and then was off to get the day going.  There was Rachels wedding Saturday afternoon, then I headed down to DC to hang out with friends. 

David and Meghan (and apparently greasy Lindsey... I swear I took a shower!)  Hey David...that shirt looks familiar...

Ward drove down to hang out! Yay for friends you haven't seen in a while!
 And Yay for friends you get to see all the time even though we live so far apart!
I somehow managed to pull myself together and we went out around Old Town Alexandria.  One glass of wine at her house and I could have been out for the count, but instead I got to watch (and attempt to keep my eyes open) while these two played. 
Love that hair color!
Probably embarrassed by something Ward did.

I got amazing sleep Saturday night, and woke up relatively early to head to Delaware; yes, I drove from St Louis to Maryland to DC to Delaware and then back to Baltimore for my 6am flight Monday morning.  I'm crazy wonderwoman! 
I pulled in to my brothers house just before 1pm, and it was non-stop nieces until bedtime.  It was glorious.  I love those little (and now not so little) girls so much!
Chloe in her Eagles gear!

Miss Maya

We made a leaf pile...

and got leaves stuck in places I didn't think leaves could find their way to!
Jenna looking beautiful!
brother-sister love

This trip Chloe and I had a great time playing.  It usually takes her a little while to warm up, but within 2 minutes of walking in the door, we were running around playing games.  Too cute!

Amazing quick trip.  I will squeeze in time with friends and family any time that I can!  Well WELL worth the exhaustion! 


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You're right, I'm exhausted reading the whirlwind trip. But ohh how fun.

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