The Master Bathroom Sinks and Faucets are in!

We talked about our sink and faucets choices a few posts ago,  but we bit the bullet, ordered them, and shockingly enough, we love them!!  I wish I could say that it all went smooth sailing like that, but we did have one minor glitch in the process.  We bought two sinks online from Lowes and once they arrived, we realized they weren't fully vessel sinks!  While the majority of the sink sat above the counter, we still would have had to cut a huge hole in the countertop to nestle the sink into.  We only wanted to have to cut the hole for a drain, so they were a "no-go".  Thank goodness it was an easy return back to the store instead of re-shipping.

We love the sinks and the faucets.  They're so modern and fun!  CERTAINLY an upgrade!

I suppose the little smidge in the picture gives away that the toilet is installed too....but those pics are tomorrow (not just because of the toilet....because of WHAT ELSE is in the photo!!) 


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