Bathroom Table and Shower Door Installed

 Yay!! It's all coming along! 

Terry Polyurethaned the wood counter so water can't permeate and rot/mold it.  Then it was quick undermount brackets to hold the table to the wall.

The backsplash is leftover slate tiles.  By the time we finished, we had one tile left.  Talk about "cutting" it close.  Ha.  Pun intended, Terry!
As mentioned from last post, it's easier now to see the paint color, especially with the white trim installed. 

I love throwing this is every now and again.  Yes, this is how we bought the house.  HA

And not to be outdone with the counter, the shower door went in as well!  I was out of town (maybe I wasn't out of town and I was just in class all day Saturday...can't keep up with my life right now), and I came home to this beauty!  Clearly I understand it's a door, but it just means that other than sealing the shower drain on the floor, it is essentially FUNCTIONAL!!  (and update:  It is in use now.  I want to take a shower every morning and every night.....and also during the day on the weekends.  I'm in love)

(Blooper shot: Still in my pajamas)  Hello out there!!


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Oh my gosh, when you put that pink mess up as a comparison, I'm reminded of how much work you guys have put into this house. What a team!

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