Cardinals Home Opener 2012

Before the mayhem of Half-Marathon weekend commenced, we decided to enjoy our last chances of enjoying St Louis sports before we leave by attending the Cardinals Home Opener.  While the game had been sold out to the public for some time, an acquaintance of ours works for the Cards and one afternoon when we saw him, asked if we wanted to buy employee tickets from him.  Ummm, reigning World Champions playing their arch rival, The Chicago Cubs, on a Friday afternoon.....absolutely!!

The only bummer of the day was that the weather was completely non-cooperative.  As in, this is what we dealt with most of the game.

We still had a great time together.  After it was 8-0 Cubs, we decided to go ahead and walk around a bit and see if we couldn't get a little closer to the action.  (The irony that the photo below has a man with a Texas shirt on behind us made me laugh.)
The view from our original seats.  We luckily were under the awning, so no rain on our parade home-opener. 
 New seats for a bit.
Final seats before we headed out.  No need staying the whole game with that kind of blowout, and we weren't sure how the crowds were going to disperse when the game finished, and we planned to have dinner at Broadway Oyster Bar pretty much the day we bought the baseball tickets.
Oyster Bar was delicious, per usual.  Then we headed home to work on the house.  Guess what the next post is about.....


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