My First Half-Marathon

Yay for all the training being worth it!!  I finished, for a first run I think I had a good time, and most importantly, I ran the entire 13.1 miles!! Sarah flew in from D.C. to run the race as well, which was such an enormous help.  We paced well with each other considering we've never run together before.  At mile 10 though, Sarah's ankle and back were giving her grief, so she had to stop and she told me to keep going.  The last 5K was my mental challenge, and I suceeded!!!
Here were my official stats:

To say there were a ton of people downtown was an understatement.  It was just a swarm.

Please don't mind the no-makeup face.  Kinda silly to get pretty to go run 13.1 miles for 2 and a half-ish hours.
Just before we were set to take off. Sarah's focused!
Our view right before we started the 1/2 marathon. Love that Arch!
 Mile 7.  This wasn't intended to be a artsy photo, although it turned out that way.  Terry was holding his sign up for us, had our drinks at the ready, was telling up our 10K time, and trying to take a photo.  Needless to say he hit a wrong button on the camera and it came out bright blue (it was in manual mode from taking photos in the house), so this was the best I could change the image. 
Terrys sign he was holding for us.  We actually made it (clearly), but he was easy to spot, and he told us after the race that he got a lot of laughs from other runners for it.  Win!
Just after the finish.  We sat for about 10 minutes here, and no joke we must have looked like 90 year old women when we stood up.  Still so worth it!

Some stolen photos off the half-marathon website.  NOT paying $16 for one photo.  This was around mile 11.  How I'm still this enthused is beyond me.
 Crossing the finish!!!! (super-vain side note; can we please address how skinny my left leg looks in this picture.  The next photo down is more representative, but thank you Mr/s. photographer for the self-esteem boost!)

Such an awesome experience!!  Not sure that I'll do it again, but happy that I trained well and accomplished a goal I set out for myself.  Woohoo 1/2 Marathoner!!!


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GREAT JOB! You looked like you were having a fun time, like it was as easy as a walk in the park. luv you

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