The Hiatus

I haven't been around here much these past few weeks.
I HORRIFICALLY failed my list of 30 things for March. (If there are any on the last after #11 that you're dying to know the answer, shoot me an email and I'll get right on that.  Otherwise....consider this mission a complete and utter bust).

Well, truth be told, I feel like I can't keep up with my life right now.  But in the good kind of way.  The "oh my word, every single things is about to change" kind of way.

So, you see:
- We got engaged.  Woo-tothefreakin-Hoo! I don't know how to explain the feeling other than just in a new state of peace.  I feel like a weight has been lifted.  I don't really know how to describe the peace that it's brought other than thinking about it like a puzzle. There's been this one piece in that pile of individual pieces that I know has been there our whole relationship.  I never doubted we'd get to that puzzle piece eventually, but now that it's actually been put in place, there are so many other pieces that can start being added and we're moving more and more into building our puzzle together.  It's a really great feeling, a calming that I have been needing for quite some time.
- We're moving.  Location is pretty confidently locked down, but for superstitious purposes, I'm not going to put it on here until we are packing up and shipping out.  It'd be just my luck that I'd put it out there as official on the interwebbings and the cyberspace demons would figure out a way to change up the plans on us.  So it's hush hush (on here anyway) for now.
- We're selling our house.  Yes, it was a given from when we purchased it that the day would come when all this hard work would be put on the market for some other lucky person/couple/family/small circus to own.  We are in the midst of our last major room renovation, and that has a little to do with my lack of post updates with the pace we've been moving on this room.  I promise to start in on pictures soon.  I'll give you the inside scoop though.......it's looking GOOOOD!
- We're starting to scout homes in our soon to be new locale.  It's still being bobbled around with if we are going to buy or rent this go-round, so more options and more thoughts and more time in discussions. 
- I'm still training for my half-marathon.  It's this Sunday.  If you in any way are interested in following along with my mileage points during the race, you can go to this website, http://www.xacte.com/templates/gostlouis/  or gostlouis.org and there is an Athlete tracking box on the right.  I think that you have to register, but once you log in and type in my name, there is also a button for texting where you can get text messages sent to you phone with each mileage point I hit.  Can't wait for this to be over on Sunday!  It's been a nice stress reliever early on, but I'm in a different frame of mind now. :-)

So here's just a little of posts to come:  Re-painting the Kitchen (finally successfully), all the stupid base trim, new hall and entryway paint color, hall bath progress, Book I finished a bit ago (Sarah's Key), oh yah, and this little thing about The Proposal....Duh.


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