Hall Bathroom Floor: Update

Where I left off with the bathroom was the fun demolition part of the process. Which brings us to this view:
Yes, there was a small likelihood that we could have found a new longer vanity to cover the holes from the two wall semi-partitions, and yes we could have cut corners to save ourselves a little time and budget.  But ya know what, we didn't want to!  We wanted this room to be just as beautiful as the rest of the house that we have rebuilt together.  And so far, we've more than surpassed my wildest expectations of the room.  Pushing boundaries for sure, and teetering on the edge of both of our comfort zones with the choices we are making, but we've just gotta trust our instincts and jump.  

 So, step one: Rip up the linoleum.  Shouldn't be too bad right?  Oh...there's another layer of older linoleum? Ya don't say?! 

 Nothing screams beautiful floors for the main house bathroom like baby blue flowers.

Unplanned Step two: Rip up second layer of linoleum.  Minor setback, no big deal.  Oh, the toilet has had a slow leak and has black mold in the subfloors? Ya don't say?!  So out the subfloor came around the toilet.  This falls in the minor/major setback category.  This certainly falls in the tick my boyfriend off so much that it makes him propose marriage to me category.  Not really, but kinda.  All this fiasco was about an hour before proposal. 
Oh, and there used to be another layer of linoleum before the 2nd layer that luckily they were able to mostly rip up??!!?!?  REALLY?!?! This bathrooms gone through more makeovers than Oprah Winfrey.  It looked like a majority of it had been ripped out, but we could still see the outlines of the grout. 

After all of that mess, finally the new cement board was able to go down for our new travertine tiles.  As you may recall, we also installed travertine in our front hall entrance. I think it makes the house look a little more cohesive in a silly little way. 
Sidenote: if you are ever tiling floor, using the 18" tiles makes life SO MUCH EASIER!  The job goes so fast in comparison to 12" tiles. 
Because I'm a bit spacey these days, I didn't take a picture of the finished floor before Terry put down paper backing to A)allow the grout proper time to cure and B)partially protect the tiles while we still go to town on getting this bathroom completed. Here's the only sneak peek area that I could take a picture.  It looks so beautiful in person.
This weekend, along with Sarah coming into town and us running the Half Marathon, we plan on tiling the shower.  Wish us luck!


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