Hall Bathroom Demo

It's a big hole right now.  We got it 90% gutted in two hours last Friday night.  Thought you may enjoy a few photos of the demolition.
Frame of reference: This is how we bought it.  Ridiculous. I agree.

Mid-Demolition.  Literally.  Sorry for the sawdust.
 My Chemistry goggles were going to come in handy someday, I just knew it!

And for those interested in what our plans are for the vanity; here's a sneak peek! Both found off Craigslist. We're changing them both up (because that's what we do) and giving them a little rehab love, but they are sitting in our garage and I CANNOT WAIT to get going on them!!

Look for updates soon on flooring and wainscoting and paint color (GASP) and floor to ceiling shower curtains.  Love it!!


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