9. Ten people who have influenced me

9. List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how.

Reference Here for the Month of March 30 Things Project

1. Mom- Supportive, Financially Genius, Traveler/Explorer

2. Chris- Wonderful Brother, wonderful father, always teaching in the kitchen, dreamer, entrepreneur, courageous
3. Jeff- Wonderful Brother, wonderful father, financially cautious, straight-shooter, creative photographer, artist, comedian
4. Terry- Type B to my Type A, teaches me patience, taught me to love in ways I didn't know love worked, great listener, meticulous
5. Tim- Mentor, great listener, good with advice, nurturing, enjoys the quiet/nature
6. Allison- Definition of a true friend, reader, independent, calm and level headed decision maker, family-centric
7. Emily- world-traveler, cultured, level-headed, free-spirited, reader, writer
8. Kim- wonderful mother, good listener, reader, perfect balance for Jeff, positive teacher
9. Kristin- wonderful mother, cautious, easy to see issues in black and white, family-centric, deliberate
10. Dr. Barnes- mentor, intelligent, best professor I had at JMU, thorough with advice, always there to listen and help me figure out roads and options


Alexa said... Add Reply

heyyyyyyy you should come back to little old Delaware some time sooooooon!!!!!!!!! Like for rizzle! haha and im def calling you tonight. We need to catch up!! :D

Kim said... Add Reply

Kind words, thank you :)

Kristin said... Add Reply

I am cautiously, yet deliberately posting a comment. I thank you for your description and for the fact I even made the list, though I question why I rank behind Kim, when I am the older, wiser sibling. Seriously though, not to be black & white, but I do love OREOS! :) LOL

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