Art in the Master Bathroom

At the completion of the Master Bathroom, I mentioned that all we had left was to find a little art to make things pop. 
Well, I went searching.  It was going to be tricky with a good color scheme but nothing too "moody", with a graphic that also went with the spa-like feel of the space, and something to tie into earth/nature as we have wood, slate, and stone in the space. 
I shopped around on Overstock.com, and found one piece that I really liked.  With no Photoshop application, I did the next best thing......I horribly botched a rendering in Microsoft Paint.  Ohhh geez. 

I emailed it to Terry, and he liked it as well, so we purchased it along with another piece to go along the side wall.

So here's before:

And here's after.  (My Paint photo actually wasn't too far off base after all, who'd have thought?!) You also may have caught that we installed a towel hook.  My glorious towel hook.  I love no longer having to put my towel on the floor....or swoop across the bathroom soaking to get my towel from the rack on the opposing wall from the shower.  Little Victories.

Here's a wider angle so you can kinda see why I like it most in that it matches so well with the vanity top and the white of the tree plays well off the white in the space, and the blue is a little bit of pop of color, but not too dramatic.

The Art for the side wall.  Before:

After.  I'm still not 100% sold on this one, but it works for now.  The lighting when I took this photo isn't the best, but theres still something about it that just seems off.  Maybe it's just proportion.  Until we find something else, it stays.  

 So, whatcha think? 


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I am simply amazed at the level of detail that you both went to--incredible!!! Very well done...we're looking to do some renovations in Tx next year... ;) Cheers. Lara

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