11. 10 Pet Peeves

11.  Describe 10 pet peeves you have.
Reference Here for the Month of March 30 Things Project 

1. While driving, when someone unknowingly has their blinker on for miles upon Miles upon MILES.  It seems that these people, who by the way I either assume A) has their music too loud, B) are deaf, or C) they are a super genius to be able to tune out that constant beeping noise it's making from your dashboard, always finds a way to get in my lane and drive slower to ensure that I see that blinker.  And since I'm usually always in the left lane, I sit their wishing that they would, in fact, drive into the median as they are clearly telling me they want to do by their blinker. Blinking. Blinking. Blink. Blink. Blink. GAH!

2. Pen/Pencil tapping.  It always happens during tests.  I will get up and throw your pen across the room.  Don't think I won't.

3. Excessive leg shaking.  Have you ever seen someone sitting at a desk and their leg is shaking their entire body so much that they look like they're trying to dance? Yah, it's that annoying.  Sit still.  If you're my friend, I will come and frogger your leg to stop you from your embarrassment.  If you are not my friend, I will tell you to sit the hell still and pay attention to yourself because you're looking like a fool.

4. Having a conversation that is one-sided.  If you are going to ask me questions, please listen to my answers.  Same goes for if you want to have a conversation but all you do is talk the whole time.  Just give me a heads up if I'm just there to listen.  I'm fine with that.  But I get annoyed when I go into it thinking it's a mutual discussion where you care just as much about hearing my thoughts and feelings as I care about yours.

5. Leaving cash for my bill at a restaurant and the waiter/waitress asks if I need change.  If I tell you thank you and no change necessary, then don't bring me change.  Otherwise it should be their assumption to make change.  More distinctly, if my bill was $11, I leave a $20, and the waiter/waitress asks if I need change, I will not be nice about it.  I will ask for them to list everything they did during the 30 minute meal that was deserving of a 82% tip.  Don't think I won't.  Don't think I haven't done it before.

6. I have a very hard time holding my tongue when an obnoxious screaming child is piercing my eardrums in a public space and the parents do not even notice nor acknowledge the insanity.  I don't want to scream at the kids....I want to scream at the parents.  And yes, granted I am not a parent yet and maybe there will come a point that rather than ripping my hair out and drinking a tubs worth of wine, that I will let the banchies run wild terrorizing Target customers and destroying every end-cap display.  But I would hope someone would scorn me as much as I want to scorn some of them currently.  KidsParents these days.... 

7. Calling me with a purpose and leaving a voicemail of what you were specifically calling for is one thing.  But calling with no purpose and leaving a voicemail that says, "Hey, give me a call when you can", is SUCH A BIG PET PEEVE!  My mother is notorious for this.  Even after the 10 times I've already told her how much of a waste of my life it is to listen to her voicemail telling me to call her back.  If I saw you called, I will call you back when I can. You don't have to remind me in a voicemail to call you. When I have to listen to a message with no purpose and telling me to call back......well, it makes me not want to call back.

8. Walking in the grocery store and someone is walking/pushing their cart on the wrong side of the aisle.  We are not in Europe, we are in Dierbergs. Please don't look at me like I have 4 eyes, you're the one with your cart on the wrong side of the aisle.

9. Anyone talking to me while food is in their mouth.  We were out for dinner last week, and a lady was sitting next to us and I swear that she only spoke as soon as she put a fork-full of food in her mouth.  There'd be no words at all while her mouth was empty, but man she was a loose cannon as soon as that brisket hit her tongue.  It just made me wish that there was an episode of Seinfeld to be able to refer to.  Because how awesome an episode would that have been. 

10. When you're watching a television show or a movie and people talk their way through it.  I loved my roommates in college dearly, but I could not watch TV with them.  Frankly, I don't know how they even knew what was going on (this was pre-DVR era; no instant rewind) because they were talking/laughing/shrieking and then had to discuss it, because itd be crazy to wait for a commercial to discuss.  This one is not so much a big issue these days with rewind and pause as glorious, heavenly options, but it still goes for movies.  Unless you are dying, don't talk to me until the end.


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