7. Dream Job

7. What is your dream job, and why?
Reference Here for the Month of March 30 Things Project

This is one of those hard questions that I constantly think with two degrees I should have figured out in my life by now.  Alas, no marbles. 

I love working with people so ultimately I think my dream job lies somewhere in there. Terry and I joke a lot about opening a kitchen and he'd handle the food; I'd handle the people. Each of us in those roles would keep people coming back.  What a commitment though.

If Terry and I could get paid to travel all around the world trying new wines and visiting vineyards, that could be very dreamy.  I'd like to start in Australia. :-)

I think I could be great in the medical arena.  Not exactly sure in what context, but helping those who are ill and helping their families is just an innate ability I have.  I enjoy it. 

I do love science.  Not exactly the science I'm doing right now, but I could only imagine there's some sort of niche out there that would be "dreamy".

Does everyone else already have this figured out?  Am I behind the 8-ball on this?


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