4. 16-yr old self

  (hilarious, right?!)

4. List 10 things you would tell your 16 year-old self, if you could.
Reference Here for the Month of March 30 Things Project

1. Stop worrying so much about college; you're going to get into a good school, and you're going to escape Delaware.  STOP WORRYING
2. Spend more time with Linda.  You won't have any regrets when your my age about the time that you did get with her, but it'd always be nice to have more knowing what I know now.
3. Megan is one of your truest girlfriends.  Make sure you tell her all the time how important she is in your life.
4. You have every reason to be mad at Mom about not letting you drive.  Try to somehow understand it's out of her control. She's having a really difficult time letting go.
5. You want to be a Doctor.  Stop being so scared about more school and more tests.  You want to help people and make them better.  Please figure out a way to stop being so indecisive about this and just do it! 
6. Babysit even more than you already do. You're awesome with kids, you'll make a difference in their lives.
7. Try and go spend more time with Mom-mom and Pop-pop even though you're not allowed to.  They're really awesome and wish they were able to see you more.
8. Don't do stupid things while you're in Hawaii.  It's a great overall experience, just don't be stupid.
9. Even though Mom won't let you, try and figure out a way to keep Tyla in your life. She was a good friend to you.
10. You're allowed to cry at school on September 11th.  You don't have to run to the bathroom to sob.  Everyone will be sad about it.  For a long time.


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