5. 5 Happy Thoughts


5. What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now?
Reference Here for the Month of March 30 Things Project

1. My nieces.  Every-time one of the four of them pops in my head I smile, inside and out.  I love those little (and now not-so-little) girls so much.  And miss them almost as much.

2. Reading.  It's one of the newer'ish parts of my life that I really enjoy.  I don't get to do it nearly enough, but in the time that I do set aside, it's so fun getting transported off to a far-away world or fall into the mind and emotions of someone other than myself.

3.  When I get phone calls.  I love catching up with people in my life. Getting perspective.

4. Kristens Graduation from High School. Time has flown and it's right around the corner.  I'm starting to stalk for cheap flights back east for her big day.

And this is where I paused for a very substantial amount of time. I should be able to list 5 things pretty easy, right?  Right?!  I think about working on the house as something that makes me happy right now, but then I think about having to put it on the market very soon and happyville goes right out the window.  I think about upcoming adventures and vacations to go on, but I  have absolutely nothing on the books.  Everything revolves around this move. I think about getting out of this job that gives me no sense of accomplishment, but then I think about being without a job in a few months and that's even worse.

I suppose that this one will work.
5. I'm happy thinking about in 6 months from now, my life should have some stability in it.  


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