8. 5 passions

8. What are 5 passions your have?
Reference Here for the Month of March 30 Things Project

1. Family-I am passionate in continually growing my family relationships, in cultivating my nieces into intelligent, independent young women.  My passion is solely based in love and admiration.

2. Science-  I love this industry I'm in and the intellect I'm surrounded by on a daily basis.  I just wish it paid.

3. Travel- If there was a way that I could get paid to travel the world, I would do it in a second.  Anybody with any ideas out there on how to make that happen without going into massive debt?

4. Education- I think I'll be a lifetime learner, whether it be in a classroom, or sitting next to an older woman learning how to sew or knit.  I thrive on finding out something new each day.

5. Food / Wine- Terry's been quite an influence for me with this.  How can he not be an influence when he's my personal chef and all.  We enjoy pairing wine with our food and trying to highlight the best from both.

6 (yah yah I know it's 5 but I'm throwing in a bonus) Photographic Historian: I love capturing photos .  I'm passionate about trying to capture all the momentous occasions in life to be able to look back on with a smile. 


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