Football Sunday

In the midst of my crazy studying this weekend, I decided to take a mental break and take Catherine up on an offer to go see the Rams play the Seahawks.  Her plans fell through with someone else, so I swooped in and took full-on advantage of the opportunity to go with her!!

We didn't make it quite in time for kick-off but no big deal.  I have to say, it was an entirely different experience in the stadium on Sunday than it was when Terry, Braga and I went last New Years Game when the Rams played the 49'ers.  The stadium was packed with screaming fans all lovin on some Sam Bradford this year, and it really changed the dynamic of being a fan in St Louis.  The two of us were yelling and screaming right along with them, and Catherine and I are Eagles (whoop!) and Giants (ugh) fans. :-)

Our seats in the endzone

At halftime, we stayed up in the top section, but we moved around to be on the 50 yard line; Upgrade!! We also go free pink Rams hats from Groupon for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Even though I'm really not a hat person, I really like it!!

Close-up when we first got to the stadium and were walking around the first level towards our section. 

The Rams ended up winning 20-3.  Tons of fun!!  It was a great way to break up the day!  Gotta love spontaneity! :-)


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