Oct 17th: Football and Friends

Sunday was a dreary murky day.  We originally planned to go to the Raiders/49ers football game, but opted out for fear of rain.  We ended up at Rickys Sports Bar in Oakland, which is one of the "Raider Nation" spots.  Austin and Colin met up with us, and of course the craziness ensued. 

dreary day

but tons of fun with these boys

Poor raiders lose.....

Car outside....Terry snapped a photo

We headed back towards Austin's neck of the woods and kept playing into the evening.

At this point, Austin and Colin wanted to do "scenario pictures", as in give you a prompt, you make a face for it....oh geez
Me: "High Five for this ridiculous game"

Austin (or maybe it was Colin): "You just found out you have cancer".....uhhh awkward

I dont remember the prompt but Terry wouldn't participate so he put his mustache up, which ended up making me laugh.  I think though that it was something along the lines of "you just won 1 million dollars".

Me: "Who's responsible for this ridiculousness"

Austin: "It's the 4th of July".  I guess they were being fireworks.

Me: "What a Raiders fan looks like right now".  I'm not going to post the pic of what a 49ers fan looks like right now. 

Again, really wish I could remember the cue.  Colin found it hilarious, Terry isn't participating...again, and Austin is unamused.

Again, not remembering the cue, but I can't help but laugh at Colin. 

They were coming up with something and taking too long.  This was Colin yelling at me not to take a picture until they came up with something.....and I guess that is Austin trying to come up with something.

Me: "Who's a little bit tipsy"

I think Austins cue was an Otter and a Salmon

An awful attempt at a prom pictures

hilarious Colin

Love my boys

a lot

End of a great day with great friends

 We all love Terry....ha


Billy Smith said... Add Reply

This looks like it was extremely fun. Fuck.

Diane Stamps said... Add Reply

I'm with Billy..., #%@*!! :-)

The entire trip was amazing. Thank you for sharing, I look forward to this every month.

Lauren Ramsey said... Add Reply

SO JEALOUS!! It looks like you guys had an absolute blast together. I'm trying to talk the boy into visiting St. Lois, so we'll keep ya posted! : ) Miss youuu.

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