Study Study (CRAM) Study

This is the week of testing for my anatomy and physiology course.  I spent most of the weekend stuffing my brain, and will unfortunately have to continue through the rest of the week.  I had a quiz on Monday (I got a 100%), I have a lab practical at 5pm this evening, and I have a lecture exam on Friday at 10am.  To my own detriment, the lecture exam was supposed to be next Monday, but since we are going out of town, my professor let  me bump up taking it to this Friday. 

Super stressed about the exam today.  Literally just writing this post so that I can try and make my mind stop running 100mph.  Osteocytes, Keratinized Stratified Squamous Epithelium, Cephalad, Sagittal/Frontal/Transverse Planes, PseudoStratified Ciliated Columnar, Reticular Loose Connective Tissue.  It Just Won't Stop!!!!!!

Please be thinking about me and send me good mojo tonight and Friday morning.  I would greatly appreciate it.

UPDATE:  I rocked it!!!!!  She was nice enough to grade it for me when I finished, I got a 66/70!! 


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