Front landscape: Complete!!

Terry was a hard working man this past weekend.  The front of the house was needing some serious TLC, and Terry was all for it.  A few months back he built the front stone edging from the side of the porch area to the end of the house.  He also planted several shrubs that we picked out at Home Depot to give more character to the curb appeal.  He finally got to the rock quarry and picked out 2 tons of rocks to fill in the ground.  I think it turned out really nice.

The front stone that Terry built and the shrubs that need to grow!

part of front of the house

The truck came and dumped the 2 tons of rock in the driveway.  Working Hard!!

I helped spread out the rocks once he wheelbarrowed them over from the driveway. Dont know if I really helped out though or if I just made more work for him. ;-)

Finished Product (well other than the rake still in the shot)

Next Terry moved into tearing out all of the flowers and foliage and vines and weeds and unnamed stuff in the front tree flowerbed.  Mums would be the perfect low maintenance replacement!

Again, hard at work.  I'll get him smiling at the camera one of these days!

He found GRUBS in the bed.....not good!!  I'd only ever seen drawings of them on the fertilizer and insecticide bags before, so I was a little grossed out by them.  HAD to catch a pic!

I had to leave and run errands before he got them all planted for an "after" picture, but you get the idea.

He still wants to build a planter around the mailbox and the lightpost, so I suppose I shouldn't say the front is "complete", but it's definitely a huge improvement!!


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