Christmas 2011

We had a relaxing Christmas day.  Not a lot of hub-bub, just the two of us.  We actually didn't open presents until almost midnight if that's any gauge for how little we ended up doing in the day.  

Our beautiful tree and stockings to hide the still not framed french doors

 This year, rather than one traditional Christmas puzzle, we had two.  This was not intentional, but when we got back from Kansas City, there was a package on our front doorstep from Terry's mom.  Since she knows how I do a Christmas puzzle every year (she got to be part of the tradition the Christmas they were with us in Texas), she picked one out and shipped it for us. 
I was really excited for her puzzle, but I already had a Christmas themed puzzle purchased, so we started with that it.  Also, I got the feeling that Mom's puzzle was going to be a bit more challenging, and I needed an easy puzzle to start the day.

 Turns out I was right about Moms Christmas puzzle.  We just finished it last night (Wednesday)!!  What a great gift!!

After all the phone calls and puzzling and napping, we got ourselves together to make dinner.  Terry wanted to try his hand at making the Steak Au Poivre sauce from the night before, so we got our first "purposeful fire" in the kitchen action with lighting a little Brandy in the saucepan. 
 Standing Rib Roast

Christmas Dinner was amazing.  Steamed Brussel Sprouts with Pearl Onions, Shredded Potato Hash (his with Maytag Bleu cheese that smelled like sweaty feet but tasted amazing....you know it's good bleu cheese when it smells putrid, and mine with Parmesan Cheese) made in Ramekins, and Rib Roast with mushrooms and Au Poivre sauce. 

The aftermath of Christmas.  We went light with gifting, but we stuffed this year full of wonderful memories.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.


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