Jury Duty: My first time

All I have ever heard of Jury Duty are horror stories. So when I received my summons in the mail earlier this month I was more than a bit nervous about it.  Well, to not string you along with all the boring details, I have a WONDERFUL first time through "the system"! (You can skip the next two paragraph if you aren't interested in details)

Monday I had to report at 8:30, they first spoke to us at 9:30, then they gave us an hour break, and by 11:00 they were calling numbers for who was on which case. They called about about 180 of the 300 people who reported for cases of which I was not part of, and the organizer came back to the rest of us and said, "your cases were settled, you are free to go for the day.  Call back at 4:30 to see if you are to report tomorrow".  SWEET!
Called at 4:30, had to report for Tuesday.  Darn!  Went in at 8:30, of the 120 of us that were left, 90 were called into cases, which I was not a part of, and the remaining 30 of us got the "Your case was settled, you are free to go for the day" sentence of joy.  I was out by 9:15!  I called back in Tuesday afternoon, and I was no longer needed.

See what I mean.....Perfect Jury Duty Experience.  If I knew it could be like that everytime, I'd sign up voluntarily!! :-)
Anyone else with good experience for Jury Duty?


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