Delaware Christmas Traditions 2011

There's the family, all in the holiday spirit!

We had a great visit home that didn't seem as chaotic as usual.  We certainly didn't have to do as much running around this year, which gave us a minute to breathe, so that's always a bonus!

We flew in Friday and made our first stop at the Finleys (pardon the Iphone blurry photo).  It was a super quick visit, but it's always so great spending time with them. 
Afterwards we headed down to Chris and Kristins and the girls all went crazy over seeing Terry.  Nevermind Aunt Lindsey....sheesh! :-)  We spent time at their neighbors house eating incredible food, sipping on some wine, and playing games (Left, Right, Center is a great game if you've never tried it!).  Great way to start the trip. Alexa's a little adult now. 

Saturday we stayed in pajamas for most of the morning and spent quality time together building salt dough snowmen, playing the Wii, and setting up the Christmas train.

Then Terry and I headed up to Jeff and Kims to get some time in with them and Chloe for the afternoon.  Chloe instantly warmed up to me but was still quite skeptical of Terry for the majority of the time we were at their house (Aunt Lindsey For The Win!!).

Then it was over to the most wonderful time of the year.... Susans holiday party!  She always sets up everything so beautifully and it always gets me into the holiday spirit!  Her dining room table was so elegant...

....as was her Christmas Tree (it looks like it should be in a catalog).

 ...and of course her gifts were so beautifully wrapped, I almost didn't want to open it!

Lots of family photos this year....

The siblings...

My love...

The boys....

The girls....
 Dinner was devoured.  I clearly might have gone back for seconds.

He's got a huge fan!
Under the Mistletoe...
The end to an amazing weekend!

Funny to already be excited for 2012??!! :-)


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