Kansas City to see the Raiders

Terry's big Christmas present this year was a trip over to see the Raiders beat the Kansas City Chiefs.  I had talked it over with Santa before the game, and so MY Christmas present was that the Raiders would win so that I would have a happy boyfriend.  Woohoo!

We drove the 4 hours over to Kansas City after work on Friday and got into our hotel just around when the sun was setting. 
We unloaded our bags and were getting ready to go out to dinner when we started hearing a lot of police sirens.  I was thinking that I guess we weren't in a nice area of town, but Terry started pacing and then said, "Lindsey! I think the Raiders are pulling into the front of the hotel!!"  Sure enough as we went running for the elevators, so were 15 other Raider fans.  We piled in, and we stopped a floor above the Lobby.......to the doors opening to THE RAIDERS!! 
We saw the entire team, but these were just some of the few pictures I took.
T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Chaz Shilens, and Jon Condo
 Aaron Curry
 I don't remember who Terry told me this was....oops
 Janikowski. "The Polish Cannon"

When we got off our Raiders high, we headed out to 801 Chophouse for dinner.  We were one of MAYBE 6 couples in the entire place, so to say we had our own personal waitstaff is an understatement.  This dinner easily made my top 10 dinner experiences list (out-to-dinner experiences, Terry's meals still take the cake).  I had filet Au Poivre which is a Frenchy name for steak covered with peppercorn in a mind-blowing sauce....seriously, I licked the plate clean and asked for more.  Thunder thighs be damned, that sauce was worth it.  We also shared gnocchi and green beans.  A LOT of food, but lots of leftovers.
Terry had a Surf and Turf dinner with Steak and Lobster with a crab topping.  We each equally liked our meals (I still think mine won though with the sauce), even though we didn't come close to finishing them.  Was more than ok though with having leftovers for tailgating the next day.

Post amazing dinner nightlife. Went to a Bar that Daniel Boones grandson used to own as the last trading post for travelers on the Oregon Trail.  It's a historical national landmark, yet it's also a bar, pretty crazy.

Game day mornings, specifically Christmas Eve Mornings are made for tailgating!  We picked up Jack Stack BBQ right when we got into town Friday knowing we were going to chow down the next day. 
The Setup
 The preparation.

Drooling!  Kansas City BBQ.  Specifically "Burnt Ends".

We missed the very start of the game because we were still eating.  Please reflect to previous photos and you can understand that we were all right with this decision.
 My Handsome.

Pretty Amazing Club Level Seats.  Long story short, Billy is awesome and got us the hook up when he ordered his and Jordans tickets for the Thanksgiving game against Pittsburgh and our tickets for Christmas Eve.  What an experience!

Inside the club level during halftime.  Surprisingly we were not the only Raiders fans, although we may have been the only ones who were being civilized.  Shocking.
 This was as it was approaching nail biter phase, just before it went to overtime.
But THEY WON!!!!  Yah Raiders!  Awesome game and amazing experience together!  PS: Santa, you rock!!


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Wow, Wow, and Wow. Can't believe Terry didn't mention the part about the Raiders and the same hotel.

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