Christmas Tree 2011

So again, I only have iphone photos so far, but there will be plenty more to come. Why you ask?  Because this may be our most favorite tree to date.  
It's so full and the lights are strung so perfectly....Terry's doing....of course. :-)  He picked out the tree too.  2 for 2....man I'm lucky!  We decorated the tree the Sunday after Thanksgiving while Mom was still here to help some.  Terry and I went through all the colors we have decorated so far each year (2008-Gold, 2009-Blue, 2010-Silver), and my signals clearly got twisted because when talking about between red or green this year, I really thought we finalized on Green.  

Turns out we finalized Red.  Didn't know this until after I had bought all the green ornaments. 

LUCKILY it was a good mistake.  I think that the green looks beautiful.  Perfect mistake if I do say so myself!

Oh, and for those few of you who have been to our house around Christmas time, we still have the Griswolds living next door.  This year with a 10 ft blow up Snowman so close to the edge of our properties that it looks like we put it up.  Rest assured.....We Didn't!

They are adding something new every night so it's actually quite fun coming home to see what new mess they've added to the decorations.  


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