2010 on rewind

What a fun-filled year this has been, so many great memories, and reflecting back to the beginning of the year, it feels like so much longer than 365 days ago.  The highlights:
-Braga flying in for New Years Shennanigans with us.  Going downtown to ring in 2010 and the boys going crazy.  Blues Hockey Game/Budweiser Brewmaster Tour/ Rams vs.49ers game; experienced a lot of St Louis in that trip.
-Jeff visiting to help us with all of the electrical mayhem in the house.  Installing recessed lights in the kitchen.  Going up the Arch and the three of us fitting in the teeny lift to the top. Awesome dinner in The Hill.  Spending two hours in the St Louis Cathedral Basilica taking pictures before going to the airport.
-Allison coming to visit.  Showing her around St Louis on her first night.  She was sick as a dog the rest of the trip.  Stayed home and watched movies the rest of her time here.
-Visiting Delaware in January.  The girls all getting so big.  First snow storm came through during visit (if they only knew what they'd get hit with the following months!), snow ball fights and snow angels and hot chocolate to help the frost-bite.  Time went way too fast.
- March Madness Sweet 16 and Elite 8 games in St. Louis. Seats 10 rows from court
- Kristen coming over over her spring break to visit.  Touring every mall in the greater St Louis area, Blues Game, Easter together with Catherine, Earl, Dominique, Paulie and Jen joining. 
- Low Key's 10-year reunion.  Roadtrip with Billy, Jordan and Lauren to Virginia, 12 hours of sleep over the entire long-weekend, so emotionally amazing, seeing so many friends whom I hadn't seen since graduation, feeling like there was never any time apart, beautiful concert, didn't want to leave.
- Branson, Missouri to visit Terry's family.  Grampa back for his high school reunion, getting to meet all of Grampa's other siblings, quality time with Mom, Dad in downtown Branson, doing a little shopping at the outlets :-)
- Cruise with Mom for a week.  Visited New York City; Boston, Massachusetts; Newport, Rhode Island; and Kings Wharf, Bermuda.  Met some wonderful people during the cruise, and got to experience so many new places.
- Mom out visiting for her birthday. Went to Cardinals game, spent day in Forest Park, lunch at Blueberry Hill, tour Bud Plant, and ate at Ted Drewes.  Good trip.
- Wisconsin to visit the Finleys.  Absolutely amazing trip.  One of the best parts of my summer.  Rented a car to drive up and it took forever, but it was so worth it.  Went to Country Music Festival and saw several amazing artists. Tried cheese curds....bleh.  Lightning storm one night, sat and watched it for over an hour on the back porch of the cabin, so peaceful and serene. Quality time with them which was needed and wonderful.  Wisconsin in a beautiful state.
- Scott visits St Louis.  Tour all over the city, such a great time together. Head up to Chicago to visit all Low Key crew that live there. Tried to go to Symphony and got downpoured on.  Back to house for relaxing, soul-filling evening.  Dim Sum Brunch with Scotts friends....YUM!
- Amazing Cardinals/Dodgers baseball game.  Front row all-inclusive seats right behind homeplate.  Met Catherine and her parents after, amazing dinner at An American Place, met Larry Forgione!, amazing meal and amazing wine, great conversation, beautiful dinner and friends
- Sara Bareilles with Catherine, Jen, and Monica.  Pre-concert Sushi and drinks at Drunken Fish, was delicious.  Great girls night.
- Billy and Jordan come to visit for a short weekend.  Out to Lacledes Landing, Morgan Street Brewery, tag along to pick up our kitchen island, "Danglin' Spiders!", Broadway Oyster Bar, Cardinals vs. Pirates game.  Way too quick visit, but always good times.
- Long weekend in Chicago with Emily.  Roam around the city to 3am our first night in town.  Cubs game. Billy Elliott play which was incredible, Billy and Jordan coming to hang out, Riverboat Architectural cruise through the city, seeing the Bean and the Faces Water-Fountain, getting some Chicago deep-dish pizza before we headed home.  Always such a good time with that girl.
- Becoming a photographers assistant for a day for Jordan.  Wedding in Warren, MO.  Learned so much from her without her really even "teaching", had such a ball together, took 1000's of pictures, got home after 12 hours absolutely exhausted, couldn't move the next day.  So worth it.  Amazing experience.
- Visit back to Delaware for Labor Day.  Mom drove out to St Louis and then we roadtripped it back to Delaware, stopped in Indianapolis and Columbus on the way.  Got to eat CRABS!!!  Didn't leave the table for 2 hours.  Got quality time with the family that was much needed, out to Susans for Labor Day Luncheon that was so nice to have the whole family together.
- Up to Detroit and East Lansing for Biz and Brian's wedding celebration.  Outdoor wedding, Biz looked amazing, got to catch up with old friends which is always good times, off to Windsor Canada and Detroit for the 4-year Anniversary, relaxing and a nice getaway.
- Our 10-day trip to California; filled with fine wine, friends, family, and fun.  Sacramento to Fresno Shaver Lake to Napa to Lake Tahoe to San Francisco to Oakland to Napa to Sacramento.  We never stopped and it was a trip I'll always remember.
- Emily visiting for a weekend, fun times per usual, spending all day in the City Museum....Amazing!!!
- Where Austin was our music city, St Louis has definitely become our food city; Andrias, 11-11 Mississippi, Sub-Zero, Drunken Fish, An American Place, Clark Street Grill, Broadway Oyster Bar, Gian-Tony's, Sakura, Lorenzos, Popeyes Chophouse, and of course Our Kitchen every Saturday for Steak Night
- All the progress that has happened with the house, so much to be proud of and happy about

I'm so thankful for all of our friends and our family.  Here's to another year full of amazing memories with those near and dear to my heart.  Happy New Year!


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You live a great life, my dear! I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store!

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