One Year Blog-iversary

Kinda crazy to think that I started this little puppy up a year ago already!  Granted, I guess I did miss a month or two there at the beginning in my self-loathing / lack of interest phase (and so many fun things happened during that time too, ugh!).

Going back and reading that first post this morning was very entertaining.  I remember it was approaching my first Christmas away from any family...just the two of us.  I was in a city with no friends (Terry not included in that statement...he gets the best friend superlative), and I just felt very alone and disconnected.  Phone calls were great, but repeating the same stories over and over and over again was getting old.  Just recently before this, I had stumbled across Young House Love (which now I am addicted to), and thought that maybe it'd be a fun idea if I started up a way for the family to not just hear what we were up to, but see it as well.  Also, Alexa and I had started talking a lot about books, so I thought that could be a fun way to keep in touch with her since she's also quite savvy on the computer too! 

Looking at the goals I originally set for the blog, I think that I've kept very true to the original intention.  There's always a house renovation going on, I now consider myself to be in the "Insiders Club" for things to do in St Louis, I have made a little progress in posting about the books I've been reading but to be fair I need to keep up a bit better with this, and we've certainly done our share of traveling this year.

I'm really enjoying the blog right now.  You all have certainly given a lot of feedback, and it's always appreciated.  Looking forward, I am going to stay true to my previous goals, but I'm going to change it up just slightly. 
Change up #1: I realized that I constantly mention friends or family members on here, but to the friends and family members on the other side of the country, they have no idea who I'm talking about, or at least don't have a face to the name.  Let's just say I've got plans in the works for this very small group to get to know each other a little better.  :-)
Change up #2: I've realized (I guess "realized is the wrong word as I've always known it, just not to the degree as the blog has proven) that food and wine are quite a substantial part of our lives.  Terry's passion for cooking (case in point: we started discussing what we....mostly he, I'll be honest... were going to be making for Christmas dinner over a week ago and it's been back and forth to get to the final menu ever since) and our appreciation and continously acquiring knowledge of wine means that I'm going to focus more posts about it.  I'm proud of Terry's talents and while a few of you have been here to taste it first-hand, I want everyone else to see what the fuss is all about (and maybe get tempted to come try too!)

This is as good a time as any to send my virtual hugs and love to each of you.  Thanks for being interested in what's happening in our lives and all the crazy things we get ourselves into.  It's comforting knowing there are so many people who care about us, and it makes being all alone out here a little less-so.  I hope we keep things entertaining through the coming year!


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