DIY Christmas Project: Christmas Card Display

I have to admit that I can't take full creative genius for this idea as I originally saw it on Pretty Handy Girls blog.  That being said, I followed through on re-creating her project and although mine isn't as fancy, I think that it serves it's purpose beautifully. 

On Saturday I had to go into work, so while I was over in St Louis, I stopped into the Habitat for Humanity's ReStore.  It's pretty much like a Consignment Store for any possible home improvement item you could ever need, so it was a perfect place to go scouting for old shutters. There were a lot of option of shutters that were flat, but I needed to make sure it had slats (or louvres as I've been told from those "in the know").

This is the closest picture that I could find on Home Dep*ts website for what I ended up buying. Home Dep*ts price was $32.50....the ReStore was $10!  Happy Girl here!

Again, nothing fancy with mine other than stringing a few lights around the edging and along the back so that light illuminates through the louvres. I just bought small clothespins to attach the cards.  I also put a few gold snowflake ornaments on it to help tie it in better with the Christmas tree's color theme.  It looks so festive with all of the Christmas cards arriving. 

This project was super easy, super inexpensive, and I like the new way of displaying our holiday cards this year in the front room.  Hope this gives some inspiration to others. There's so many ways to put your own little touch on it, maybe decorate the clothespins in festive colors (thanks YHL), or spray paint with silver or gold, maybe get crazy and decorate each louvre a different color.  Please let me know how your project turns out!!


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