With presents comes.....


The "rule" for the past few years with us has been that we will only get presents for each other that fit in stockings.  Therefore, the majority that were wrapped were for my Mom, who will be out here visiting through Christmas.  While we watched the Raider game, I wrapped the usual suspects, and then tried to get creative on a few. 

Rudolph (ok, it doesn't look nearly as good as This One, but it's a good effort, and mom will think it's hilarious)

This present took Terry (YES, Terry got involved, as it needed a little engineering help) and I a good portion of an hour making it work.  He still looks like an angry snowman at this point bc his carrot nose fell off and we still hadn't stuffed the corn-cob pipe (that Terry constructed) in his non-existant mouth, but he is quite adorable on the fireplace now with his little handmade scarf and twig arms and penny buttons.  I wanted to make him a top-hat, but Terry was quite convincing that the Raiders hat was more appropriate.  ;-)  I'll take pictures on Christmas day as Mom is opening it.  I can see it now though, she isn't going to want to tear into it for her gift. 

Did anybody get creative with gifts, or was it all bows and ribbons to make them festive?


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Every year, I wrap presents and match the color of the bow and the gift tag to the paper. It's fun :)

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