Snow in the Lou

Saturday night into all day on Sunday, we got our first snow fall of the year!  This was supposed to be the weekend to fly back to Delaware for the annual Christmas Party, but weather-wise, it seems like we made a good choice in staying in St Louis.  Flights were delayed and cancelled all over the flight board, which is never any fun!
Our view Sunday morning

Tried getting a picture with the tree and the snow out the window...ehh

It was still coming down good at this point

After asking 20 times, Terry finally gave in and we went driving around to see the christmas lights and the snow.  Can't you tell how thrilled he was?!

The snow was beautiful, but the wind was awful, as you can kind of make out from our Fresno State flag in the front of the house being whipped around.

The news crew is saying that theground should stay covered with snow through Christmas as it supposed to stay below freezing for the next 2 weeks.  I'm Dreaming Of a White Christmas!! :-)


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Wow, look at all the snow. Send some down here to Florida :)

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